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Appointments & Fees

Appointments & Fees

Allcare Medical Centre is a private billing clinic.

Fees vary depending on the duration and complexity of the service, the individual doctor and the concessional status of the patient.

Where private billing applies, full payment is required on the day via cash or credit/debit card (EFTPOS). Invoices are forwarded directly to Medicare and the Medicare rebate is paid directly into the patient’s bank account within two working days if these details are supplied to Medicare.



Private billing applies for all patients 16 years and over.

Concession card holders will be charged at a discounted rate.

Please refer to fee schedule for standard consultation fees.

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. Higher fees apply after 8pm Weekdays-Saturdays from 1pm and Sundays.

Please ask reception when booking for more information.


*Bulk billing is at the GP’s discretion

Children 15 years and under are typically bulk billed for

standard weekday consultations.

Veterans' Affairs card holders are bulk billed for all services. 

Consultations are by appointment, however in situations of a medical emergency the patient will be attended to immediately.

Please note: If your situation is a medical emergency, you should contact your local hospital.

If you require a longer appointment, please notify the reception staff.

Nurse with Protective Mask
Nurse with Patient

Fees Continued


ITEM NO   PAY ON DAY    PAY ON DAY      MEDICARE     OUT OF POCKET   OUT OF POCKET                         (Private)           (Concession)         REBATE           (After rebate)            (After rebate)                                                                                                             (Private)                   (Concession)                             

3                     $59.00               $43.95                      $18.95               $40.05                    $25.00                      

23                   $80.00                $66.40                      $41.40               $38.60                   $25.00                       

36                  $119.00               $105.10                    $80.10               $38.90                   $25.00                  

44                  $157.00               $143.00                   $118.00               $39.00                 $25.00             


Standard consultation fees are as above.

Private fees apply for all procedures, such as skin lesion excisions and iron infusions.

Private fees apply for all patients without a Medicare card, with payment required in full on the day

All fees related to worker’s compensation and motor vehicle accident claims must be paid in full by the patient at the time of consultation until a claim number has been provided to the clinic.

Private non-Medicare fees apply for commercial driving medicals and pre-employment medicals.

For a complete schedule of fees, please ask at reception.

Fees charged by other health professionals (eg X-rays, blood tests, specialist) may incur a charge. Patients are encouraged to obtain their own information regarding these fees or ask for assistance from our reception team.

Chart & Stethoscope

Home Visits, Sick Certificates & Calls to Doctors

Home Visits 

Home Visits are made with the receptionist at the discretion of the General Practitioner.


Sick Certificates & Phone Calls to Doctors

A sickness certificate is a legal document and as such will be treated as one. If a certificate is required, you must be seen by a doctor.

Telephone calls may interrupt consultations and inconvenience other patients. If you wish to talk to your GP, please advise reception who can book a Telehealth consult for you. Please note, it is not always possible to make adiagnosis over the phone and standard fees apply.


If the call is regarding an urgent medical situation, please inform the receptionist and you will be transferred to the appropriate Health Care Professional.

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